What is AXE RageRooms?

AXE is the first and only rage rooms entertainment center in Amman – Jordan, the 3rd In middle east, and the most advanced in the whole world, featuring 5 themed experiences, the only one in the world with VR Rage Room Experience, and the only one with experiences designed specially for couples, Work Teams, and Birthday or Bachelor Parties.

And What the #### is Rage Rooms exactly?!

AXE RageRooms is a place that basically gives you the chance to let your anger out by destroying items and gadgets that will normally cost you a fortune (and maybe your job or marriage if you tried to destroy it in real life). AXE RageRooms offers an experience that we all need and wished for silently in the office or even when our team lost in World Cup! The Experiences in AXE are different from each other, designed to fulfil your darkest pleasures of smashing things up by a baseball bat, or throwing dishes to the wall rather than washing them, or destroy the whole office electronics with your co-workers and doing it like a team for once rather than shouting at each other in boring meetings.