1 - 3 Players

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Freestyle Room
1- 3 Players

Inside this room you are free to destroy and smash things your own way, you get to choose your weapon (Big Hammer, baseball bat, hockey stick, etc) and you will be given the following Items to smash (1 electronic gadget, 7 glass items, and 8 pottery items), of course, you can order more if you are not satisfied yet.

Kitchen Room
1- 3 Players

Ever wanted to throw away all your plates and glasses rather than washing them in the kitchen sink? Well, we’ll give you that experience at AXE, in the Kitchen room you get plates and glasses to throw them on our steel kitchen and get the satisfaction you always wished for, whether you want to smash them on a table or throw them at the kitchen, it is all yours.

Parties Room
up to 12 persons

Great for groups! With a standing glass container that is designed to hold the Groom or Birthday person in place while his friends throw things on him, all caught on cam and given for free to each participant!